Tandem - Dual-Chamber Percolator
  • Tandem - Dual-Chamber Coffee Percolator  
    Seventh semester, 12 weeks, 2010  [ full process project ]
  • I really enjoy coffee a lot, so hence why I would take on a coffee percolator. Percolators aren't known to many people these days outside of a smaller market of followers that still depend on them for their morning cup of java.  It's a nice, strong brew (if you dare try them!).  The aroma and the percolating of coffee that one sees as it is brewing is one to experience!  Some who are old enough to remember mom and dad using one, will reminisce the emotions that are associated with their use. I wanted to try updating the electric percolator for a more modern audience and address a few issues associated with their use. I hope you enjoy my work.  Thanks for viewing!
  • Dual-chamber coffee percolator; elegant and classy as percolators
    are known to be but with a modern, stylish appeal. 
  • Fits onto any kitchen counter without taking up a lot of space;
     with sculptural, aesthetic appeal. 
  • Glass dome window allows user to engage with their percolator; 
    viewing the coffee gushing up and hitting the dome shape as it brews.
    Easy-pour spout allows the coffee aromas to escape and fill the room. 
  • Power-button turns unit on and also glows a
     bright turquoise color when brew is ready. 
  • Upper brewing chamber locks down into bottom carafe.
    Starting at a 3 o'clock position, turning the brew chamber clock-wise
     to a 6 o'clock position will lock both top and bottom together.
  • When coffee is done brewing, the lid from the upper chamber gets transferred down below to carafe.
    The upper chamber can then be placed in the sink for clean up later. 
    No more burnt fingers from removing the brew basket. 
Electric Percolator
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